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ACFP faculty are some of the most highly-qualified speakers in the anti-fraud profession. Our faculty members are seasoned practitioners with many years of professional experience. ACFP Adjunct Faculty consists of those who are invited to provide a unique insight to particular conferences and learning events


Prof. Charles A. Malgwi, PhD, MBA, MSc, BSc, CFE, CFS, CBA

Accounting Professor, Bentley University


Prof. Vincent Owhoso, PhD, MBA, BS, BBA, CFE

Accounting Professor, Northern Kentucky University


Prof. Charles J. Mambul, PhD, MBA, BSc

Management Professor, Langston University


Prof. Abdullahi Malgwi, PhD, MSc, BSc, FCMA, CNA

Accounting Professor, University of Maiduguri


Prof. Emmanuel  Emnyonu, PhD, MBA, MSc, BSc

Accounting Professor, Southern Connecticut State University