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Professional Membership

Professional Chapters

Professionals and practitioners such as Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), accountants, lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, entrepreneurs, etc. are strongly encouraged to form professional chapter membership of the ACFP. This professional chapter members will serve as mentors to the student chapter members in their jurisdiction.

To become a professional ACFP chapter member, simply complete the online application form (click here to register) and the ACFP Global Headquarters will confirm your membership. You will find out which chapter, city and country you belong to, as well as who the other members of your chapter are and their contact information.

All professional chapter members shall abide by the ACFP professional chapter byelaws and shall use the same to register in that local jurisdiction as described in the byelaws. Every ACFP professional chapter shall have full control and administration of the chapter. You shall determine how much membership fees to charge for each new member and for renewal of recurring membership of your members. No moneys raised by any chapter shall be remitted to the Global Headquarters, but to be used solely for the benefit of advancing the values and activities of the chapter.