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What We Do

The ACFP has a vision of growing diverse student membership in every institution of higher learning (universities, polytechnics, colleges) in every African country. There will also be professional membership of the ACFP in most cities in every African country. These professional members comprise of accountants, lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, etc. who have the passion to mentor our youths in a professional setting.

The ACFP shall engage the student chapter members in the following five core initiatives:

  • Essay Competitions: periodic essay competitions will be announced where student members can have the opportunity to submit their essays. Winners will be announced and appropriately acknowledged and rewarded.


  • Case Competitions: student chapter members select a team to represent their school in a case competition. Winners will progress up to the ACFP Summit Final. Overall winners will be announced and appropriately acknowledged and rewarded.


  • Talent and Innovation Shows: harnessing of students’ talents and innovations are promoted where winners will be supported by business organizations to market that talents and or innovations as a business venture.


  • Community Service – Giving Back: the spirit of giving back is an integral part of the ACFP mission. Every student chapter member is expected to render some hours of community service in their respective communities.


  • The ACFP Heroes of the Year: The ACFP is determined in promoting and recognizing those individuals whose patriotic efforts in fighting corruption in their country is worthy of recognition. A call for nomination will be announced where nominees can come from anyone (a head of state, governor, law enforcement officer, civil servant, businessman/woman, etc.).


  • Consulting: provide consulting in curriculum development to assist institutions of higher learning to teach and or integrate the following three key subjects – ethics, governance and fraud prevention in their student development and learning process. The ACFP also provides customized consulting and training services to professionals, government organizations, private businesses and other entities.