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Mission & Vision


The principal mission of the ACFP is to facilitate anti-corruption education and training and to stimulate creative developments among youths throughout Africa through the promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship, talent and networking. The ACFP also provides a platform for academic and practitioner research on related issues affecting Africa and Africa’s interest. The ACFP serves as the conduit for Africa, Africans in diaspora and every concerned individual, group, business, academic institutions and governments, both domestic and foreign for the collective fight for fraud prevention in Africa. Provide model leadership to inspire public confidence in the integrity, objectivity, and professionalism of ACFP members.


The vision of the ACFP shall be to develop a new generation of African youths, leaders and their people through character and skill development so as to have less corrupt African leaders and its people than their predecessors. To restore Africa’s integrity through honesty, transparency, good governance, ethics, corporate and social responsibility, and respect for human right and the rule of law.


Our core values are evidenced by what we teach and practice and is predicated on accountability, credibility, transparency, integrity, and ethical values. We also value our esteemed stakeholders with the highest level of responsibility and professionalism.