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About Us

The African Center for Fraud Prevention (ACFP) is incorporated in Boston Massachusetts, USA as a 501c3 non-profit organization. The ACFP facilitates a proactive fight against any form of corruption as opposed to the reactive measures that have not been successful. These preventive measures are centered on first, educating everyone about the evils that corruption creates in every society and second, nurturing a new generation of Africa’s dynamic youths towards achieving their God-given potentials through education, innovation, and service. That is, the ACFP is committed to promoting the creativity, innovation and potential talents inherent in Africa’s youths. This new paradigm shift is necessary in order to cut the chains of corrupt lineage that ties and pollutes the minds of our youths to their largely failed and corrupt leaders.

The days of thriving corruption in Africa are numbered. The trivialization of the devastating effects of corruption on any nation, the glamorization of millionaire and billionaire corrupt officials on the one hand and the lynching of petty theft crimes on Africa’s streets on the other are totally abhorred and must be prevented. The new generation of Africa’s youth are wiser and smarter and collectively renounce any form of corruption being perpetrated in and on their land.

The ACFP is not in the business of going after any corrupt individual or group. Rather, it is primarily focusing on investing in the new generation of Africa’s future leaders. The ACFP is also committed to promoting many patriotic citizens for their outstanding good faith efforts in fighting corruption. Such heroic endeavors need to be acknowledged and appreciated as a good example for others to emulate. The ACFP therefore encourages the participation of all meaningful government leaders, businesses, individuals, groups and international organizations who truly value a better Africa to invest in the ACFP vision.